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Online ad sales provide an important, and often a sole source of income for many websites. The fast growth of users who block advertisement on websites forces online projects to search for solutions to this problem. At the first stage, people usually measure the share of blocked ads and then try to establish communication with reader, asking to add the favorite website in the list of blocker exclusions. However it is very often that the number of readers who satisfy request is too small to recover the lost funds. In this case the only thing left is to either ban access to the website to the users adopting ad blockers (which we believe to be an extreme measure), or to look for alternative ways to display banners and advertisement. Some online media save the situation by increasing the share of native advertisement (hidden ads in editorials, special projects). However, due to the specific nature of activities and subject many websites cannot use such approach. Moreover, the scope of native advertisement is limited, otherwise it would have an adverse effect on the image of publication as an information source. That is why more websites pursue the policy of replacing blocked banners and ad sections with alternative advertisement, which constitute the same banners but bypass adblocker. How does it work?

How AdRegain Chameleon works The special script identifies that the website is visited by the reader with ad blocker on. It means that the space assigned to Google Adsense, AdExchange, Yandex.Direct banner turns out to be empty– advertisement fails to display. The script recognizes such situation and replaces such empty space with banners or blocks bypassing banner exchange networks, i.e. with ads under direct contracts with advertisers. Moreover, such advertisement is undistinguishable from website design elements, as it doesn’t contain identifiers common for advertising systems and that is why blockers let it through. AdRegain Chameleon software was designed to implement this approach.

AdRegain Chameleon AdRegain Chameleon is a system of banner views bypassing ad blocking systems. Chameleon is installed on advertising media in the form of PHP+JS scripts and contains 3 components: administration panel to manage banners, reinsertion script for replacing blocked banners with own banners loaded though administration panel, as well as views and clicks statistics tool.

1. Banner management. In order for ad blocking systems not to recognize an image as advertising banner, it must be placed directly on your server. For this purpose, we have developed a banner administration panel: to upload to system, to attribute banner to a certain advertising space and advertiser. These are so called “internal” (we call them “native”) banners. You negotiate their views directly with advertiser, bypassing banner networks. It is possible to get the banner in rotation for a certain calendar period (however not the number of views– see below).

2. Reinsertion script. This script replaces the banners blocked by ad blockers with the banners loaded to the admin panel. The script goal is to place banner on the website bypassing ad blocking plugins, as well as to hinder its identification and blocking. Ad blocker developers continuously update their products, while users continuously complain about the advertisements that bypass blocking. That is why it is very likely that people will complain about your ads to plugin developers and those will add new rules to eliminate the ads. Our script was designed with this consideration in mind – it substantially hinders the selection of new rules to block advertising sections and if your chose the space for banner correctly and properly insert the code on the webpage, it becomes extremely difficult to block banners.

3. Views-clicks statistics. The main problem of ad blocked traffic sale is the difficulty of collecting views and clicks statistics. You cannot address advertising networks, and therefore you cannot use independent statistics on ads views. From advertiser’s point of view the problem is somewhat solved by UTM parameters in links, which provide for clicks reporting on his/her part, however it’s not sufficient. In order to get information about both the views and clicks on the website, we use Google Analytics events (it is assumed that your website has Google Analytics). Reinsertion script sends there the data on the views of reinserted banners (under view we understand the banner in a visible screen area; we do not display banner until user scrolls down the page to their location) and clicks thereon. The PHP script on your server connects to Google Analytics and displays views and clicks data in the convenient form.

Just send a unique link the advertiser so that s/he can see the outcomes of advertising campaign (no registration is required, which is convenient to client).

Integration with Google Analytics not only solves the problem of bypassing blockers, but also relieves your server from load. Statistics collection takes a lot of resources. As AdRegain Chameleon doesn’t employ server resources, it actually provides no additional load on it. Moreover, we developed the banner reinsertion script so that it doesn’t address database on your server. It makes it possible to use AdRegain Chameleon on the websites with large number of visitors with no need to expand server capacity.

As a result, the simple and non-resource intensive system enables to sell previously blocked ad traffic, which is highly valuable for advertiser, as the ad is seen by people, who previously saw neither advertiser’s ads, nor that of its competitors! Contact us and we will help you.

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