15% to 40% visitors don’t see advertisement on your website

Yet, the number of users with ad blockers (AdBlock, UC Browser, Adguard, KIS Anti-Banner etc.) is boosting. $21.8 bn. annually – that is the losses caused by ad blocking worldwide*. This figure also includes your lost revenues. What can be done?

AdRegain offers a technology enabling to recover the revenues lost as a result of ad blocking, implemented in line with IAB recommendations. How does it work?


First you may want to see, what share of your website visitors blocks advertisement (including that on mobile devices). In order to do so, just install js-code to call AdRegain statistics on your web-site. This will show the revenues lost by your web-site. For each site this figure is individual, it depends on its subject, men to women ratio, technical prowess of users. See details →

Statistics display

Example of statistics in personal account

Get ad block statistics js-script  
Collection of statistics is temporarily suspended

Communication with visitor

AdRegain provides a js-code, which asks visitors with ad blocker to disable it for your website and thus support the project they love. Our script can detect almost all of existing ad blockers, including Adblock, Adblock plus, uBlock, UC Browser, Adguard, KIS Anti-Banner etc. Therefore, you inform the readers that advertisement is an important and even the only available source of revenue and the project will cease to exist without it. If your website has AdRegain statistics code in place, in addition you may see what percentage of visitors satisfies your request, unblocks advertisement and adds your web-site to exclusions.


Download js-script   

The result of running the script

The result of running the script


Access restriction for ad blockers (block Adblock)

If your revenue from advertisement tanks to the extent threatening the existence of your project, you can deny access for the users, who block advertisement. This is an extreme measure. It is reasonable to resort to it only if your share of people using ad blockers is high and you cannot display alternative advertisement (for instance, through AdRegain Chameleon). In this case, you may want to install a script that blocks access to your website. Customize js-script according to your needs (message, when to display it etc.). If you have your website connected to AdRegain statistics, you will see how many users agree to unblock.


Create blocking script   


Monetizing ad blocked traffic

AdRegain doesn’t recommend blocking access for visitors. You may lose some of your audience, which blocks advertisement, but can benefit website in a different way: through re-posts in social networks, by generating user content on forums etc. Using AdRegain Chameleon you can display nonintrusive advertisement avoiding adblock. In this case, instead of blocked banners the user will see alternative banners, placed on the website under direct agreements with advertisers rather than through Adsense and Yandex networks.


How to bypass adblock

* According to Adobe and PageFaire 2015 research.

Displays bypassing adblock under direct contracts with advertisers

Displays bypassing adblock under direct contracts with advertisers

Free advice

Send us the link to your website, and after reviewing it we will provide free advice as to what approach to ad blocking problem you should select:


AdRegain Teaser
Monetizing ad blocked traffic for small web-sites
AdRegain Wall
Javascript code notifying or banning access to adblock users (block Adblock)
AdRegain Signal
Get notification when AdBlock blacklists your web-site
AdRegain Probe
Check words against the blacklist (easylist). This tool helps to generate html-code not conflicting with AdBlock plus.
AdRegain Сhameleon
Monetizing ad blocked traffic for medium to large websites