AdRegain Signal: Adblock blacklist monitoring

About a half of all users who employ ad-blocking tools install Adblock Plus plugin. The blacklist, used by Adblock plus and other popular plugins, or the list of rules that blockers rely on to block ads, is updated on a daily basis. It means that if you place advertisement on your website bypassing this filter, quite soon users will start complaining about you, and the rule will appear in the list to block the advertising section specifically on your website. In order to get ads back you just need to change element’s class or id. The main point is to promptly understand that advertisement has disappeared. Free AdRegain Signal service will be helpful in that. How does it work?

Each day the bot checks, whether ruadlist+easylist blocking rules got any new rules expressly pertaining to your website. Meaning the rules featuring your domain. If such are discovered, you get notified by email.

You can turn on AdRegain Signal in the Account section - My websites.

Website settings page in personal account

Website settings page in personal account

If your visit the website for the first time, you can get Personal Account password free of charge by filling out the form:

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