AdRegain Probe: checking code against Adblock blacklist

Adblock plus is the most popular plugin worldwide. According to some sources, it is used by each other reader who blocks advertisement. AdRegain Probe tool provides for the search of a word among classes, ids and links against Adblock plus blocking rules (ruadlist+easylist), which are used by other popular ad blockers as well. It may prove helpful in order to avoid occasionally calling a class or id by a word from the stop list when coding web-site, which may lead to the automatic blocking of the section, even if it doesn’t contain any advertisement. Also used a search in the whitelist of Adblock plus exceptions (exceptionrules). Some part of rules is assigned to all websites, while another part – only to specific ones. That’s why to make the search more accurate we recommend specifying domain as well. See also Webmaster tips on fighting ad blocking.